Taxi Truck & Special Delivery Services

a wide range of fully equipped taxi trucks
that come with 2 professional removalists

Perfect for:

  • office removals
  • moving exhibitions, showrooms, & displays
  • film, theater, stage prop deliveries
  • special events & functions
  • urgent pick-ups & deliveries
  • office furniture removals
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Need a few strong, speedy hands & a truck?

No problem! We can help. James & Co Sydney Removalists can provide you with a taxi truck delivery service at affordable rates on an hourly basis.

Our taxi trucks:

  • range from 1 – 14 tonne
  • are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment
  • always come with two professional removalists to ensure the job is done correctly without you having to raise a sweat.
  • start with only a minimum of 2 hours charge and a flag fall of half an hour.
    There are no other ‘base – base charges’.

Minimize your costs and only pay for what you use!


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James & Co can store your unwanted office furniture and return it when needed, or dispose of unwanted assets.

James & Co can help you move heavy items of furniture around the office or between offices with minimum fuss.

James & Co can provide all the packaging materials you need, and can even pack it for you to make life easier!

Who Are We?

James & Co Removalists is a local, owner-operated Sydney removalist company with over 20 years in the business. We specialise in home furniture removals and furniture storage in the Greater Sydney area, particularly the eastern suburbs, inner west, CBD, and the north shore. Our experienced and professional team is available 24/7. We are committed to providing a quality removalist service at an affordable price, tailor made to suit your budget.