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  • quality furniture removals at an affordable price
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We have the packing materials you need!

James & Co Sydney Removalists have a comprehensive range of packing materials and removalist boxes for your office move. Once you’ve made the decision to move and it’s all systems go, we can help by:

  • delivering all the necessary removalist boxes and packaging materials for you to start pre-packing immediately
  • picking up the used cartons on completion of your move
  • providing free advice on the best way to pack those hard-to-pack items

And if you require more removalist boxes or packing materials, we’re only a phone call away – we’ll deliver them quickly so you don’t lose any time.


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Let us pack it for you!

Safe and successful moving is all about correct pre-packing. This task is often overwhelming during any office move.  Why divert your staff from their normal duties to pack boxes?

Let us take the stress out of packing by providing experienced pre-packers prior to your move.  They have the skills to ensure things are packed safely, securely, and efficiently.  Let us do what we do best, so your staff have the time to focus on what they do best!

James & Co can store your unwanted office furniture and return it when needed, or dispose of unwanted assets.

James & Co provides flexible taxi truck services to all areas of Greater Sydney.

James & Co can help you move heavy items of furniture around the office or between offices with minimum fuss.

Who Are We?

James & Co Removalists is a local, owner-operated Sydney removalist company with over 20 years in the business. We specialise in home furniture removals and furniture storage in the Greater Sydney area, particularly the eastern suburbs, inner west, CBD, and the north shore. Our experienced and professional team is available 24/7. We are committed to providing a quality removalist service at an affordable price, tailor made to suit your budget.